Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sweet Reward for a Hard Day's Work

My kids are spoiled. I'm the first to admit it. They really don't know how good they have it. But, I can't resist. They're just so darn cute and I'm fully aware that there is a small window of time where they're going to think my over-the-top cheeeeeziness is fun. So I take full advantage anytime I can.

To kick off the school year, I always try (though I did miss the boat last year) to have a little something special waiting on them when they come home. I remember what the first day of school was like. I was always up until 2:30am so anxious that I couldn't sleep. Then I'd go the the first day hungry, tired, and draaaagggging, only to come home with a headache.

So, I do a little baking and have a quick sugar fix ready for my kiddos. In kindergarten, I made a pencil cake, topped with candles and blew them out to kick off a great year. First grade, I made the ABC cake, we invited the neighbors over. We blew up the moonbounce...super fun and quite a mistake. My kids now think we're throwing a huge bash every year on the first day of school. Second grade, nothing, nada, dropped the ball....what else can I say, it was/is a tough year. This year, I made last minute ABC cupcakes that I forgot about until 1 hour before pick-up. But hey, I got them made, the kids loved them, and I'm super-mom at least for an hour.

Before you go thinking I'm Ms. Crafty, I'll let you know...I'm not original or necessarily very creative. I steal all my ideas from online, blogs, magazines, etc. and then I cheat a little to make them easier. But at least I share. If you want to try any of these, see the links below. You can try them next year, or for a teacher's birthday, or just because you want your kids to think school is fun so they'll get A's, or just because you feel like it!

Happy Back to School - You've survived the first week!

If you want to make your own, here are the link to the inspiration I used. And don't be so judgy-judgy. I'm the first to admit, mine look nowhere as good as the instructional photos. Let's just say at least I got an A for effort.

Pencil Cake:


ABC Cake & Cupcakes:


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