Monday, March 7, 2011

How to Make Your Own Display Wall

Several times, I've flipped through the Pottery Barn Kids catalog and "dog-eared" this star cable idea.  At $39 plus s&h, I've never actually purchased it.  But with a little creativity and about $10 worth of supplies, I now have one!

Here's the inspiration pic from Pottery Barn Kids website:

After spending the month of January helping clear out a basement, I saw these:

There was 1 large white star and two medium sized blue stars.  I stashed the white one away for decoration and starting scouting out something to use to make the blue stars into pegs.  I found old-fashioned clothespins.  Hubby used a hand saw to shorten the clothespins into pegs.  Then he hammered them into the center of the stars and rubbed a little white paint on them.  Once the paint dried, I distressed them a bit with sandpaper.

We still needed hardward to actually hang them on the wall.  After a quick trip to Michael's, I found D-ring hangers and FrameStraight Nails.  Both are made by a company called Ooks and you can check out their product line at  I spent less than $10.  Here's a close-up of the D-ring:

I simply fastened the screw straight into the wooden peg, then attached the star to the wall using standard screws and anchors.  I attached the FrameStraight Nail into the back of the star and pushed it into the wall.  This helps the star stay put!  They work great on picture frames too.  

Once the stars were in place, I tied a piece of grosgrain ribbon (I already had) onto each star peg.  Instant "art line"!  I placed the "art line" over a built in bench in the basement.  Here's the room view:

The fun part is deciding what to actually hang on it.  Of course, the kids art work was a no brainer.

But, I also think seasonal or vintage cards are cute!

Or you could hang favorite photographs, vintage vinyl and/or storybooks, doll clothes, play clothes....

Seriously, I could come up with ideas all day.  BUT...the kids are starting to jump into every shot.

Like THIS!

So that's it for today.  And yes, my son got caught by the camera in his "wife-beater". Sheesh.

Happy crafting!

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  1. Are those stars from our apt on Hasell Street in Charleston? Love the pics of the kids jumping in!

  2. Not from Hasell, but they definitely remind me of the stars you see all over the south. These stars belong to my mother-in-law and I have no idea where she got them!