Thursday, February 7, 2013

Feeling the Love!

The latest project from the art room! These fantastic coffee filter hearts are the perfect way to show some love.  You only need do-a-dot markers, coffee filters, construction paper and scissors.  If you're still making Valentine's today, like we are, check out the TUTORIAL.  I originally saw this come across Pinterest (where else) and thought it would be perfect for my Preschool Picasso's class.  So easy to do! I think the 5-9 age range would be really perfect for these.  They would be better at planning a design, having the patience to hold the dots long enough for bleeding through, and cutting out their own hearts.  I tried this with a 2-5 age group and it still worked, but here were our troubles: most just dotted the page and didn't hold it long enough.  No problem - if you're working with this age group, there is a solution!  After they've finished coloring/dotting the coffee filter, just give them a small spritz bottle and have them spray a little water to make the colors bleed!

Here were my personal favorites:

The ones on green and blue backgrounds needed a little spritzing to make the colors bleed together.  The purple one in the middle did not.  As you can see, it's much more vibrant when done this way but a little patience will be needed to make sure the colors are going all the way through.

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