Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Over the River & Through the Woods

Since last post, we've covered the territory of 4 states. We flew to VA to enjoy a few days with Grammy, Grampy & Uncle Paul. We also toured some neighborhoods and two schools. This is just one of the great dilemmas we've faced constantly over the past 3-4 years - where to send the kids to school!!! It's the most difficult, draining, and guilt-inducing debate I've ever had with myself. I'm already an overly analytical person. Pair that with my husband's inability to make a decision and around and around we go. We've had every intention to send Luke to his Father's alma mater...but with a house unsold in TX, we're now starting to worry about the tuition prices that could be spent on a small yacht! It's heartwrenching to see Luke bounce from school to school, neighborhood to neighborhood, friend to friend....We really want this fall to be the last move he makes. That just makes the decision all the more difficult for his parents. I'm posting a new poll. How many of your children out there have attended more than one school during their elementary years? How did you handle it? How did your children handle it? Any advice is most welcome!!!
As for other news, we've now arrived in SC...and we're having a blast. While my poor hubby slaves away in TX painting and patching holes...we're hanging out at the pool and visiting Hollywild -an animal refuge for "retired working animals". It was the muddiest place I've ever been. I saw more rats and flies than I'd like to admit. I was constantly worrying about swine flu and other diseases that were most likely floating around that place. I used an entire bottle of hand sanitizer...and got pooped on by a bird. Needless to say, the kids loved it and asked to go back!
Tomorrow, my "baby" brother celebrates his 28th birthday. I think I'll spend some time digging through mom's old photographs. I'm sure I can find some oldie but goodie prints from some of our childhood adventures. In the meantime...enjoy the pics from Hollywild. Also notice the new section from Luke - who has been begging me to set him up with a blog since the first of the month!


  1. You certainly do have a dilemma and I definitely empathize! I bounced twice and was fine. I never remember it bothering me!

    LOVE the blog!!! Keep up with the updates!

  2. Thanks Flannery- I needed that encouragment!