Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Way I Roll

This month, I've done nothing but juggle. I feel like every day is full to the brim. Not only with the basic needs of feeding, dressing and caring for the kids, but also baking, cooking, cleaning, putting away laundry, driving the shuttle bus. There always seems to be soooo much to do, and so very little time! Of course, now my husband is essentially working 3 jobs. I know, I just consider that blessed - we've gone from jobless 2 months ago to balancing 3. The 3rd being launching his photography website. I have so throughly enjoyed helping him with that. I love editing, posting, uploading all the pics -who knew? Who knew Mike was so creative as well? I guess when you have a little time in life to find peace (or be jobless) you gravitate towards your natural interests. With a little effort and a lot of hard work, a little "passion" can turn into something great! So, we juggle, and we keep a lot of things up in the there at all times. But, I've come to realize, that's just the way I roll - and I really like things that way!

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