Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Back in the Saddle

Finally, I'm back at it. It's embarrassing how long it's been since my last post. My iphone notepad is full of "blog ideas" that I jot down while I'm out and about with my kiddos...literally pages of ideas that I plan to blog about as soon as I get back home and sit down at the computer. Several times, I've even snapped a few pics for the blog as well. Then, they float around out there in digital space...never making it to their final destination. Such is life lately - busy busy busy! Mike's photo business has been picking up, which means every spare moment I've had, I've been editing photos lately. I easily have 3 sessions now I should be working on, not to mention getting his blog site up and running...as well as learning photoshop templates. BUT...the hubby got home early(er) from work today, and the kids were standing by the door... ball, bat, glove and bubbles (daughter) in hand, expecting him to walk them up to the ballpark for a quick game. What a great dad - he walked right in changed his clothes - and took them right up. Of course, we're only closing on our TX house, with 1000's of little "to-do's" going on there...scheduling "research" appointments in SC with Realtors and corporate recruiters (whole other blog story) for the end of the month, as well as trying to find time to go over all of our finances and see where we're at now that the TX house is (almost) sold....and still house-hunting a bit. Like I said, BUSY! But...he walked them right out the door, ditched the homework, and left me standing here wondering what to do?! I knew immediately I SHOULD be working on the photo business, SHOULD be getting things together for my son's 1st Communion this Saturday, SHOULD be finishing the laundry, and I SHOULD be vacuuming, but I DI'N WANNA! So, I grabbed a glass of wine and sat my butt down at the computer to type a spell. And I've given myself the liberty to post about a couple of the fun little projects we've done lately for school....even though we did most of them 2 months ago! Maybe I can get some Easter things posted by Christmas? I have a blast doing these types of things for my kids and their friends at school, but I'm going to have to be careful in the future. I just had a call on the answering machine today that I've been nominated for a PTO position....because, really....I did something else to do to keep me busy! BTW, I declined. Besides, if I take on too many responsibilities, when am I going to have time to sit down with my kids and actually do any of these fun things??

Speaking of my kids......they're BAAAaaaccccckkkkk! And in prime screaming/fighting/kicking/pitching a fit mode. So, I'll put on my referee hat before they hurt each other. Until next time, enjoy trying these fun things with your own kiddos!

Thumbprint Note Cards

This image is from the familyfun.com website, and for once...our project actually came out looking just like this!

These are just so much fun that my kiddos and I are going do more of these. We had purchased the Ed Emberly ginormous idea book of thumbprint art last summer (maybe two summers ago now? Can't remember...time flies by way too fast). Anywho.....we had only done it once or twice, and I already had the supplies, so when I saw it as a teacher gift idea online, I knew this is what we would make for teacher appreciation gifts this year. I had it made because my 4 yr old loved sticking her fingers in the ink (the neat freak in me standing right beside her with wet wipes trying to calm myself when she would double dip into the colors). My 8 yr old was great with the sharpies (he should be, he had lots of practice coloring all over his crib, toy chest and nursery carpet when he was only two)! He filled in all the lines to make the thumbprint animals "come to life". After he'd done 1 or two and got bored with the project, I ended up finishing them later that night in front of the TV - didn't mind...it was kinda' fun. When they're all done, tie 'em up with a pretty (grosgrain) ribbon and stick them in a baggie with an apple and "wha-la" instant gift! We ended up making a few extra sets for Mother's Day gifts and for the kids to have their own personal stationary. A box of 100 cards & envelopes at Target is all we needed...and at only 10 bucks - it definitely suited our budget!

Pot of Gold

Fruit Rainbow

Got kudos from the school nurse for these - these two snacks I provided for the parties were a huge hit because they met all the nutritional requirements that the school recommended. Not only are there huge allergy issues and concerns in my son's class/school (my son included), so much junk food comes into the school almost every single day. Honestly, how many cupcakes, cakes and cookies can anybody eat before getting sick of them? So after seeing these cute ideas in an issue of Family Fun magazine at the Dr.'s office (while at the 4 hour allergy appointment), I googled it when I got home & had a blast making them. This may shock some, but I'm not much on following the recipes, directions, or rules...so I just looked at the pictures and did my own thing. For example... for the fruit, I used canned mandarin oranges (which my kids love) instead of cantaloupe, bananas instead of pineapple, etc. (which can be an allergy link for nut allergy kids? who knew?) For the jello "pot of gold", again...I think the directions called for pineapple flavor, but I chose lemon. I also chose clear plastic cups instead of sitting there scooping out 12 limes (too wasteful and expensive for my taste). It took about 8 boxes for a class of 24 because I just made the "jello jigglers" recipe on the side of the box. They came out nice and thick, easy to cut into squares, and held their shape nicely. However, I should have taken a picture of the refrigerator full of casserole dishes with jello in them - stacked top to bottom for 24 hours - hilarious to me...not so much for anyone else trying to get to the food behind all that jello! The craziness of these projects I take on if part of the fun for me, but for those of you who want to give these ideas a try, and prefer to cross every "t" and dot every "i", check them out on familyfun.com!

Lucky Charms Poem

A little bit of luck goes a long way!

When my son started 1st grade, his wonderful teacher sent each child home with a snack bag full of lucky charms. Stapled to the bag was the cutest little poem that of course just made me tear up reading it. He came home with such a huge grin on his face, his little ego had been boosted for the day, all because his teacher took the time to show the kiddos that she cared! It could have also been the sugar high, being as I'd never allowed Lucky Charms in the house before that day, but I'd prefer to think it was the former. Of course, after he realized what he had been missing, Lucky Charms became a staple in our cereal pantry. This year, for my kiddos' St. Patty celebrations, I decided to make the bags and send them in for the party favors. They turned out rather cute, got lots of compliments, and if you ever want to make them for any occasion - here's the poem...you can always adapt it for first day of school, last day of school, preschool graduation, etc...just by changing the wording a little bit. You can also do google search and come up with some ideas.

Next Up: A rose petal painting craft made out of celery stalks!

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  1. love all your ideas. we have a fingerprint book too and the girls made thank you notes for their bday presents this year. never thought to make them as gifts. will be using this idea for sure! glad you're back in the saddle and hope you can stay there through all your busyness!