Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Should Have Been Cleaning

Just quickly had to share some more thumbprint art the kids and I made last night. We're having way too much fun with these. They loved picking out their own images for their very own note cards. I should have been cleaning the house...but these are so much more fun than dusting! I included a picture of all the supplies needed to make's so easy. Just have wet wipes handy for those little fingers that can't stop touching everything even when they're covered with stamping ink. to the grocery store, party store, shoe store..and back in time to wash the dog who threw up AGAIN (just because he knew I didn't have enough to do today already) and get a taco dinner ready for Cinco de Mayo. So, everybody off the roads...or at least move over 'cause here comes SuperMOM!!! And, I promise those celery stalk art pics are coming soon!

My kids liked the horse and football player the best. My favorite is the little yellow chick.

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  1. This makes me think about the cards that the Eiden boys made the Shaughnessy girls when we were younger. They were always beautiful and so neatly done. I may have to dig out the one that JJ made me for my sixteenth birthday!!