Monday, May 17, 2010

As promised...

Celery Art! My daughter and I recently tried some vegetable stamping. I've seen TV shows and craft magazines that show how to make stamp art using potatoes and apples, so I was inspired the other day when I starting cutting celery sticks for lunch. It was a brand new bunch of celery, and as I sliced right through, I noticed how what I was left with looked like a rose....or at least like some kind of flower. Needing something to do to occupy a 4 year old, I decided we would paint after lunch. So we had our healthy lunch, and grabbed a couple of supplies.

Here's what we needed:
construction paper
acrylic paints
paper plates and/or plastic trays
do-a-dot stampers
celery stamp
paper towels

And here's how we did it...After covering up with a smock, we started to get messy. We put a little acrylic paint (2-3 colors) in a plastic tray. Then, we started "stamping" the celery down into the paint, rotating it to get several colors blending together on the bottom. Then, we dabbed it once onto paper towel to remove excess paint. My daughter then used to the do-a-dot stampers to mark the center of the flower. This became her "target" for where to stamp with the celery. Then, we did this over and over and over and over!

She loved it!! And I thought it was pretty fun too. When we had over-used it too much and were getting globby flowers, we just sliced through the celery again for a fresh stamp. I think this would make a great girly wrapping paper, fun greeting cards, or a colorful mat for a photo. When I get around to giving those ideas a try, I'll post.

Until then, enjoy this
(horrible) picture (taken with an iPhone)
of the celery stamping we did.

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