Thursday, February 10, 2011


Things I can't live without, or at least don't want to.

pledge wipes, mulit-surface, one pack cleans everywhere. cocker spaniel, tex. anything monogrammed, seriously. anything. hubby. fishy kisses, especially fishy kisses from my little man. music, pandora music. seriously, why did it take so long to invent that? popcorn, light butter popcorn with plain m&ms. anything smocked. instagram. freedom. old american flags. garden and gun magazine. hecho en mexico coke, the real thing. guilty pleasure tv shows. lucky boots, worn so much my daughter asked if I own any other shoes. carmex. lip gloss that makes me look 10 years younger, ok at least 5 years younger. clinique tenderheart, worn since I was 16. pepsi throwback. garlic chicken pizza, lean cuisine. brown cow yogurt. pink peonies. facebook. slatkin & co. candles. front porches. books by phillip gulley. clorox wipes. target. there. every. day. salty air. sand between my toes. food processor. iphone. old maps. charleston. tisdale wine 3 for $10.

yep. that's about it. for now.

oh yea, and blogging. kind of getting addicted to that too.

ok, so what are yours?

1 comment:

  1. my bridesmaids carried all pink peonies and i carried white ones. it was one of the highlights of the whole day for me.

    yoga pants
    skinny jeans
    running shoes
    cold crisp lager
    big huge salads