Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy 5th To My Little Snow Princess

Last month, we were able to celebrate our "baby" girl turning 5. She requested a "ice princess" party. With her birthday one week before Christmas, I gave myself a break this year and did the whole "book it" thing instead of trying to handle it all myself. We booked the Ice Skating Rink, they gave the kiddos lessons, pizza, drinks, and cake was all provided...along with a helper who even wrote down the "who gave what" list for us. It was awesome. I have to admit I've always been reluctant to book a party like this. I've always felt it's not as personal and have preferred to do all the little details myself. Ehhh, I'm over it. She had a blast and I hardly lifted a finger. Enjoy the pics!

The kids had a 30 minute lesson from the rink staff...which was great since most have never skated before. I kept the party small at 8 kiddos. Big bro was happy to have 30 minutes to himself to practice his speed laps. Both of my kids are wild on ice skates!

At this age, it's all about barbies, squinkies, babies and jewelry for this girly girl!

Happy Birthday big STOP GROWING UP!!!


  1. she's beautiful! look at that mane of hair! i asked eleanor if she could just stop growing up and stay my baby forever. she told me she wouldn't go to college so i wouldn't miss her;).

  2. As for the hair, she wants her bob back :(
    And we tell ours daily to stop growing up! They just laugh at us...but Luke has said he's not going to go away to college...but not because he'll miss us...just because he can't take his dog with him!