Saturday, February 12, 2011

How Did You Spend Your Saturday?

This is how I spent mine.

Prepare your special red velvet recipe. Mine is Duncan Hines. Generously spray mini-bundt pans with baking spray (with flour). If you don't have a mini-bundt pan, you can find them here.
Follow the baking instructions and cool on a wire rack. They're going to come out looking like this....

Once they've completely cooled, drizzle melted chocolate over the tops with a spoon. I use this chocolate. Let the chocolate start to cool before sprinkling with nonpareils. If you sprinkle to soon, the colors start to bleed onto the white chocolate.

Once you've decorated the mini-cakes, place them in a refrigerator to cool and set the chocolate completely. Place them into a clear baggie and tie with ribbon. Simple and cute. You can still run out to the store and get these made by tonight!

The stamping idea came from here. I just adapted it a little based on paint strips and stamps I already had on hand.

Happy baking and happy stamping!

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