Thursday, March 3, 2011

What I'm Up To Today

Ok, I'll admit it. I love to shop. But I'm cheap. I like a bargain. I want a deal. And I want hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind, can't get it easily unless you're "in the know" kind of stuff. And....I don't want to pay much for it. Salespeople hate customers like me! I know, because when I worked as a designer with Ethan Allen, I hated customers like me. Takes one to know one, right?

Needless to say, I fell in love with Quite Unique. Check them out, sign up, go shopping and I get some spending money for referring you! Tell your friends, and you'll get some spending money too. See!? Cheap! A bargain! A deal! Awesome stuff - Yippeeeee!!!

One of my personal faves was the listing for the cute "Lil Guy Neckties"like the one on the left, for only $15! Only one deal a day, so click on the Quite Unique link above to check it all out.

My other new favorite place to shop? Hatchcraft. Where else can you get an awesome print framed in eco-friendly bamboo for $25!? If you like photography, you're getting this as a gift from me for your birthday. Seriously! Hand-crafted, small company, the owner literally makes it, ships it, emails you to let you know he sent it, and even includes a hand-written note on the invoice. I love supporting people like that! Only hang-up, his online checkout process is not "secure" yet. But don't worry, I emailed him and had a little chat with him about that...he's working on it. And he's following me on instagram now. I KNOW him now, right!?

Check out some examples below from his customer gallery.

Photo by Instagram user bella_h

Photo by user ew6050
Photo by John Johnson
 If only my baby brudder had thought of that....he's one of the most talented meticulous craftsman I know. I send him "inspirational" ideas and articles related to items he could make and sell all the time. He should listen to me. Ok, really, I just want him to make me all kinds of the cool stuff I see for free. But if/when he does make me that awesome coffee table I want when I move into my new house....I'm totally taking a picture of it and putting it on my other favorite place to shop, Etsy. If I get going on all my favorite etsy shops, that's a whole other post in itself!! I'm listing below just a few
of my recent etsy purchases.

Last week, my husband gave me a "just because" gift like this:

He's a smart man. He got it from Belleza Mia. I've already checked out her shop and will be putting several more items on my personal wish list. I love everything in her store!

I just bought this for my daughter from Three Sisterz for Spring:

But I've also got my eye on the whale print dresses for summer!

Just recently bought belt buckles, belts, personalized camera straps, and crocheted beer koozies too! Which you can check out the pics of below:

Vendors are Angel Grace, 2 Monkees, Maeboncrochet, and Studio MCA Designs. Loving the Easter chocolate bunny flour sacks she's selling right now.

If you want to buy a charm bracelet like the Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond wears...I know the gal that made it for her.

Check out her etsy shop, Southern Heidi Belle.

And if you're into photography, check out the necklace one of our Eiden Photography contest winners is now wearing, made by Tabetha Sullens.

Hint Hint: Mother's Day, anyone?

But back to my baby brudder. I tell him about etsy all the time. If I could talk him into putting on etsy all the frames, the swings, the bookshelves, the pottery barn looking desk chairs and office furniture he makes, and the custom doors and baby cribs he makes? He'd kill me because he would be so busy. I'm not lying. He's good. A little too obsessive about the perfection of his items, so he's not fast. He's got a little work to do on efficiency. Or he could just learn how to lighten up a bit and stop being so hard on himself. So baby brudder, when mama makes you read this, consider it that little voice in your head whispering your new calling to you. Or just your natty big sister yelling.....GO GET BUSY IN THAT WORKSHOP!


  1. Love it! Can't wait to check out all the links! And what a surprise to see us included! Thank you!

  2. You've definitely aggregated some cool and unique wares. Thanks so much for supporting, sharing, and including my hatchcraft boo boxes in the mix.

    - shane rich

  3. I love your blog!! definitely gonna follow! thanks for posting my pioneer woman necklace, glad you liked it! can't wait to see what you post next!