Friday, July 29, 2011

Back To School Shopping- Already

Got a jump start on back to school shopping yesterday.  I don't have everything completely checked off the list yet, but found some super cute packs and supplies and just had to share.  My daughter starts kindergarten this year and needs a new backpack.  She's had a great pack since she was a toddler, but it's starting to rip and tear.  Yesterday, we found this cute pack at our local PBK store.

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If you don't have a store near you, you can also order online or through a catalog...and of course it can be personalized.  But for the sake of "stranger danger", I don't normally blast my child's name all over the backpacks.  I know, I sometimes border helicopter tendencies...and I don't care. 

We also got the matching retro lunch box.  It's huge and holds a lot of food.  Which is good, because she's always hungry. We choose the matching, no excuse me, coordinating one in "navy daisy".

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We also went out for a pencil pouch.  I've learned over the years that pretty much anything you buy at Wal-Mart or Target is usually crap, but we gave it a shot.  No, I'm not a snobby person....I just hate spending my money on things that break, tear, and wear out in less than a week.  My son was given a leather pencil pouch in 2nd grade, and that thing is still ticking.  I'm pretty sure it's a leather bank or money pouch....and it's darn durable.  So, he still uses that, and I was looking for something similar for my daughter even though they're not the prettiest.  I had no luck in stores, but did find an aqua colored one online.  I thought it might work, but decided to keep looking.  So on to ebay I go, nothing.  Then, to good ole' etsy, and I found this....

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...and I'm swooning like a cartoon character with hearts floating out of my head.  I know it's pricey, but it's cute, and monogrammed.  Enough said.  Besides, she'll use it as a toiletry kit too...or an arts supplies case...or a polly pocket holder...and she'll have it until she's married and has to change her initials, and she only starts kindergarten once, and I'm supporting an individual artist instead of a big box chain store. 

At least, that's how I'll justify a $15 pencil pouch to my husband.

I just think it's cute, and matches, no excuse me, coordinates, with the new backpack retro lunch pack.

If you like the new digs too, you can do a little shopping for these items here:

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  1. adorable! i wish i could by back to school supplies for myself!