Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Crabby T-Shirt

If you're a huge fan of Mini-Boden catalogs, you'll love this DIY.  Every time I get a new catalog in the mail, I oogle and google all the cute clothes for little ones (pretty stylish stuff for big people too).  Unfortunately, the item is no longer available through Mini Boden, and I have no way to share an inspiration source.  Shucks!  I'll have to be more on the ball next time.  Anyway, I fell in love with this crab t-shirt when I saw my sister-in-law making one for her little one.  I just knew I'd have to make one for my little girl too!

Cute, no!?  This applique consists of three templates, drawn by hand.  If you're not comfortable with free-handing, you could always print out a picture of a crab and trace it.  The three pieces of the template are the 1) body 2) right legs 3) left legs.  For the legs, I chose a mini print floral fabric and for the body, a red and white polka dot.  I also used buttons for the eyes.  The buttons are vintage.  As in, stolen from my mama's sewing basket.  They add a nice touch for her little granddaughters, I think.

For the detailed instructions on how to make and attach your own appliques, check back to the how-to on a prior post HERE.

I think these little girls are digging their summer t-shirts.  What do you think?  They like them, they really like them!  Yippee!  And for $4 tanks plus a few scraps of fabric, add in a little time - they're stylishly cheap (I mean chic) too!

Which means, I think it's time I start planning for some Halloween and Christmas appliques already!  Ohhhh, I should plan to make another trip home soon so I can have mama sew a little more for me.

I mean, spend time with my family.

-insert cheshire cat grin here - 

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  1. These shirts and these girls are just so cute. Great idea!