Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Initial Painting

Since the summer, I have eased my way back into work as a preschool teacher at a local rec center.  I have had a blast with science classes, cooking classes, and drawing classes.  But one of my favorite hours of the week is getting messy with some preschoolers during my Preschool Picassos class.  I thought I would share some of our latest projects here!  Some of you may have little ones at home (or be teachers yourselves), so I've included links to my inspiration for each project.  Give them a try!

Student, age 6

Student, age 2

Student, age 3

 As you can see, no matter the age, the project was quite successful! Fool-proof and stress free.  I love the projects that set them up for success instead of failure.  This really required very little  parent help as well. 

Here's how we did it:

Take a large white piece of heavy art paper.  Use blue painters tape to mark out the initial of the child.  Place drops of 2 separate colors on the paper, working in small areas at a time.  We used yellow and blue and talked about how mixing colors and blending them together can make another this case, green! Give them a brush and just turn them loose!

I combined two separate processes that I saw on pinterest.  If you want to view the inspiration links, you can check it out HERE and HERE.

Note: I did not use watercolors.  I preferred the abstract approach but used Crayola washable tempera paints instead of acrylic.

Tips for parents: Remember it's "their" work.  It's OKAY to let them do it....their way.  It will turn out great, promise.  And the mess will clean up....promise.

Now, off the computer for's time to go make some turkeys with these little artists!

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