Friday, December 14, 2012

The Latest MOM Reviews!

If you're still struggling with last minute Christmas gifts (like I am), check out the latest MOM reviews I did for Washington Family Magazine.  If you have a music lover, the Kidz Bop 22 CD is going to be a great choice for you.  If you have artsy/craftsy children (like I do), then you might be disappointed if you fork out the big bucks for the latest from Crayola.  We were able to review two recently released products and we weren't huge fans.  Of course, my opinion is just opinion. You may have these/want these/love these...different strokes, right?

Read the full reviews below:




And watch for my future reviews to come on the latest Laurie Berkner Christmas CD and some great crafty items from Wikki Stix!

I also recently ran across two new fave consignments shops.  I have also have been a fan of "dumpster diving".  Only...not in real dumpsters, but more in the form of tag sales, Goodwill stores and such.  So when I found the lovely combo of consignment stores that happen to be online AND have apps for my life just filled with a little more happy.  Check these out, they may make your life a little more happy too!

For children's consignments, check out THREDUP.  By following that link, we both get $10 to shop with!  I've shopped and consigned here and I'm loving it.  Prices paid out to me were fair, special offers constantly pop up offering free shipping and free "clean out" bags and I've been pleased with their referral program. Their customer service is also great. Let me know what you think!

And if you want to venture into the world of consignment for adult designer duds, check out the latest app I personally added to my phone, POSHMARK.

Don't be afraid of a deal, folks!  In the past year, I've tightened the financial belt and starting thrifting much more.  In doing so, I've adopted a new motto, which is..."thou shalt never pay full price evuh again!"  It's very freeing, especially when you walk out getting many more compliments in that $15 coat you just bought than you ever did in that full price jacket that cost you hundreds!

TGIF and Happy Shopping, everyone!

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