Monday, February 21, 2011

Oh! And Did You See That!?

Hi there - Happy Presidential Monday to ya! Just wanted to drop in a tell you about the weekend. The very busy weekend. I wrapped up all good things photo/print orders/work-related Friday am by 10am, and completely logged off computer world. I had to run to the grocery store before an 11am playdate. Then, I had to pick up my big guy after school. After that, we were off to pick up the cousins (twins) for the big cousin camp-out weekend. Needless to say, our entire weekend has been kid-ville. Tons of fun, tons of pics to share later, promise. I'll add them when the kids go back to school...and I can blog for more than 3 minutes.

But, FIRST! Friday, 3pm...hubby calls in me while I'm in the pick-up line. Asks if I've seen Facebook. Nope, going off-line until Monday, remember? But, he tells me, "You gotta go look", and he's just laughin' and laughin' (which is different from laughing). So I go look, on my little iphone, with my blue-eyes squinting....

And I see this...

Yep, keep scrolling...keep scrolling....what did he find so funny??? Keep scrolling......


Did you see that? Yep, #4.

Uh......hum-in-nah, hum-in-nah......speechless. And that doesn't happen very much. And now I'm nervous! I mean, biggest fear is that people actually start to read this blog! And what if they start to expect that I might have something good to post? This "ain't" that blog. This is the rambling one...the totally random one...the sporadic one...the one about a little bit of everything and a whole lotta nuttin'...the one where I really never know what it's going to be about until I sit down at the computer for 5 minutes.

Ruh-roh raggy.

But I'm proud, and honored, and flattered.

And it looks like I have some blog homework to do.

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