Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I had all of these wonderful ambitions of working late last night and early this morning on photo edits, uploads, cleaning and clearing out digital files, making a scrapbook for my mom, and ordering prints for the family biz. But something terribly traumatic has happened to me....of which, I have not yet recovered. I'm deeply, deeply paralyzed by the thought that these will no longer be with me. For those of you who read the blog, you'll know it was just a few days ago that I added my "addictions" post featuring a few of my most beloved things. If you missed it, click on the word "addictions".
There they were, shining in all their glory.....but now, they look like


My horoscopes, which I read from time to time, have been known to say that I have a "high tolerance for discomfort". My tolerance has been invaded, bull-dozed, and torn into bits! As I type, my tolerance is being digested by some four-legged "frienemy"!!!!

No, not this one....


Although, he may have had an accomplice. I'm not sure...

Either way, this dog has gone through my belts, Longaberger baskets, my favorite Fossil bag, and now my beloved Lucky Brand "Angel" boots, which I have YET to find a size 6.5 replacement for.

This means war, DAWG!!!

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